Four Views on Ethnicity

  title={Four Views on Ethnicity},
  author={Linda Hutcheon and Homi K. Bhabha and Daniel Boyarin and Sabine I. G{\"o}lz},
  journal={PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America},
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When I went from being a Bortolotti to being a Hutcheon, my social and cultural interactions within a predominantly Anglo-Saxon environment changed; my ethnic identity became encrypted, silenced, unless articulated by choice—a pointed lesson in the constructedness of concepts of ethnicity. Like me, Cathy (Notari) Davidson, Marianna (De Marco) Torgovnick, and Sandra (Mortaro) Gilbert are crypto-Italian teachers of English. What we do not share, however, is nationality: they are Italian American… 


  • J. D. Wolfe
  • Sociology
    Victorian Literature and Culture
  • 2016
George Eliot's Daniel Deronda (1876), a novel that spurred Zionism in Palestine, opens with a scene of watching and thus moves from a male gaze on a woman's body to a project of envisioning a new

Bengali Masculinity and the National-Masculine

The notion of national-masculine as a gendered materialisation of the compensatory agency of Bengali masculinity is suggested to occur through the articulation of buddhibal in contrast with bahubal that negotiates with the hegemonic national-Masculine.

Reading Multiculturalism in the United States and Canada: The Anthological vs the Cognitive

This article examines the differing meanings of multiculturalism in the United States and Canada, and how this difference affects multicultural readings of literary works that have implications for



Diaspora: Generation and the Ground of Jewish Identity

Some of the material in this paper is taken from the final chapter of Daniel Boyarin's forthcoming book, A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity. Other material is from Jonathan Boyarin's

Thinking in Jewish

How does one "think" in Jewish? What does it mean to speak in English of Yiddish as Jewish, as a certain intermediary generation of immigrants and children of immigrants from Jewish Eastern Europe

Nomadic Subjects : Embodiment and Sexual Difference in Contemporary Feminist Theory

Acknowledgments Introduction 1. By Way of Nomadism 2. Context and Generations 3. Sexual Difference Theory 4. On the Female Feminist Subject: From "She-Self" to "She-Other" 5. Sexual Difference as a

The Kristeva Reader

Part 1: Linguistics, Semiotics, Textuality 1. The System and the Speaking Subject2. Word, Dialogue and Novel3. From Symbol to Sign4. Semiotics: A Critical Science and/or a Critique of Science5.

The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud

Indexes and Bibliographies. This collection of twenty-four volumes is the first full paperback publication of the standard edition of The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud in English

Sollors, Werner. The Invention of Ethnicity

  • 1989

After Jews and Arabs: The Remaking of Levantine Culture. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P

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The Primitive as Analyst

  • Cultural Critique
  • 1994