Four Spelling Rules

  title={Four Spelling Rules},
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An examination of commercial spelling programs for upper primary level students
The acquisition of spelling skills in English presents, for a substantial number of children, a significant challenge. Spelling skills do not automatically transfer from reading skills, and while
A Proposal for a New Spelling Curriculum
  • S. Wilde
  • Education
    The Elementary School Journal
  • 1990
Recent research about children's invented spelling has not, for the most part, changed spelling curriculum and instruction in American schools. Although children are often encouraged to use their own
Principles Applying to the Improvement of Spelling Ability
  • A. Artley
  • Education
    The Elementary School Journal
  • 1948
IT Is no professional secret that the spelling problem has not yet been solved. Teachers all along the line, from the elementary-school level through college, bemoan the poor spelling of their
Generalization in Spelling
The problem of the transfer of training or the general value of training has had a troublous history in psychology and in education. It is associated with the so-called "disciplinary theory"-a theory
Related Factors in Spelling Method
Spelling proper consists in arranging the right letters in their correct order in written expression. To include anything else is to widen the usual scope of the activity. However, it is quite proper