Four Quasars above Redshift 6 Discovered by the Canada-France High-z Quasar Survey

  title={Four Quasars above Redshift 6 Discovered by the Canada-France High-z Quasar Survey},
  author={C. Willott and P. Delorme and A. Omont and J. Bergeron and X. Delfosse and T. Forveille and L. Albert and C. Reyl{\'e} and G. Hill and M. Gully-Santiago and P. Vinten and D. Crampton and J. Hutchings and D. Schade and L. Simard and M. Sawicki and A. Beelen and P. Cox},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
  • C. Willott, P. Delorme, +15 authors P. Cox
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • The Astronomical Journal
  • The Canada-France High-z Quasar Survey (CFHQS) is an optical survey designed to locate quasars during the epoch of reionization. In this paper we present the discovery of the first four CFHQS quasars at redshifts greater than 6, including the most distant known quasar, CFHQS J2329-0301 at z = 6.43. We describe the observational method used to identify the quasars and present optical, infrared, and millimeter photometry and optical and near-infrared spectroscopy. We investigate the dust… CONTINUE READING
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