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Four Nematoda Araiolaimida from the Öresund, Denmark, with remarks on the oesophageal structures in Aegialoalaimus

  title={Four Nematoda Araiolaimida from the {\"O}resund, Denmark, with remarks on the oesophageal structures in Aegialoalaimus},
  author={Preben Jensen},
  journal={Cahiers De Biologie Marine},
  • P. Jensen
  • Published 1978
  • Biology
  • Cahiers De Biologie Marine
Quatre espèces de Nématodes sont décrites d'une zone infralittorale de fond bourbeux située dans le Nord de l'Öresund (Danemark) ; trois sont nouvelles : Leptolaimoides haploopis n. sp. ; Leptolaimus sundensis n. sp. et Leptolaimus danicus n. sp. ; Aegialoalaimus elegans De Man, 1907, svn. Tubuligula roscoffensis Boucher & Helléouët, 1977 est redécrit ; Tubuligula Boucher & Helléouët, 1977 est considéré comme synonyme de Aegialoalaimus De Man, 1907. Les structures caractéristiques de l… 
Six new species of the genus Diplopeltula (Nematoda: Diplopeltidae) with remarks on the heterogeneity of the taxon
Based on the examination of these seven Diplopeltula species, the genus has been reappraised and the systematic position of the other genera of the Diplipeltidae Filipjev, 1918 is discussed.
Two new species of Morlaixia gen. n. (Nematoda, Diplopeltidae) with a subterminal ventral mouth
— A new genus of the Diplopelt idae, Morlaixia gen. n., is described; species are characterized by an asymmetrical anterior end, which is caused by the subventral posit ion of the mouth opening and
Description of Aegialoalaimus bratteni sp. n. from Skagerrak and a review of the genus (Aegialoalaimidae, Nematoda incertae sedis)
Abstract Background The genus Aegialoalaimus de Man, 1907 includes 12 nominal species, of which three species are considered valid, two species were transferred to other genera and seven species have
Free-living nematode species (Nematoda) dwelling in hydrothermal sites of the North Mid-Atlantic Ridge
The nematode species list of the Atlantic hydrothermal vents consists of representatives of common shallow-water genera; the new species are also related to some shelf species.
Three new and five known species of Diplopeltoides Gerlach, 1962 (Nematoda, Diplopeltoididae) from Sweden, and a revision of the genus
Eight species of Diplopeltoides are described from the Swedish west coast and the following taxonomic changes are proposed.
Meiofaunal abundance and vertical zonation in a sublittoral soft bottom, with a test of the Haps corer
Haps corer samples underestimated nematode and harpacticoid copepod numbers in the top cm; the abundances were 66 and 48% respectively of those obtained by divers; therefore, this sampling gear cannot be recommended for meiofauna studies on muddy bottoms covered with a flocculent detritus layer.
Swedish Plectida (Nematoda). Part 4. The genus Leptolaimus de Man, 1876.
Nine new species of Leptolaimus are described from bottom sediments collected in marine habitats of Sweden, including the Bothnian Sea and Bothnian Bay, the Baltic Sea proper, Gullmarn Fjord and the Skagerrak while three have been previously recorded in Sweden while nine are new records for the Swedish fauna.
Swedish Plectida (Nematoda). Part 9. The genus Leptolaimoides Vitiello, 1971.
Three known and two new species of Leptolaimoides are described from bottom sediments collected in Skagerrak off the west coast of Sweden and a tabular compendium and dichotomous identification key to species of the genus LeptonolaimOides are provided.


— Nématodes des sables fins infral i t toraux de la Pierre Noire ( Manche occidentale ) . III . Araeolaimida et Monhvste
  • 1977
Redescription of the Marine Nematode Pandolaimus latilaimus (Allgén, 1929), Its Synonyms and Relationships to the Oncholaimidae
The redescription of Pandolaimus latilaimus from the North Sea (Belgian Coast and German Bight) and the Øresund (Denmark) gives further evidence that the Anoplostomatidae have a position outside the Oncholaimoidea among the more basic Tripyloidesa.
— Freeliving marine nematodes from Strangfjord Lough , Northern Ireland
  • 1973
— Leptolaimus pocillus n . sp . , espèce nouvelle de Leptolaimidae ( Nematoda )
  • Vie Milieu
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— Considérations sur la systématique des Nématodes Araeolai - mida et description d ' espèces nouvelles ou peu connues
  • 1974