Fountain-Coding Aided Strategy for Secure Cooperative Transmission in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks


Cooperative relaying communications is an efficient paradigm for end-to-end data delivery in industrial wireless sensor networks. However, due to the broadcast nature of radio propagation, it is challenging to guarantee the secrecy of cooperative transmissions under eavesdropping attacks. To deal with this issue, a fountain-coding aided relaying scheme is proposed in this paper, for which all the source packets are first encoded with fountain codes (FCs) and then transmitted over the channels. Based on the basic characteristic of FC transmissions, a sufficient number of coded packets have to be successfully received to recover the original data. Therefore, transmission secrecy is guaranteed if the legitimate receiver can accumulate the required number of FC packets before the eavesdropper does. To satisfy this condition, a cooperative jamming method is utilized to worsen the received signal quality at the eavesdropper. By applying the constellation rotation approach, the information-bearing signal and the jamming signal are designed carefully to reduce the negative effect of the jamming procedure on the legitimate receiver. To evaluate how the scheme behaves in wireless fading channels, the authors propose a novel performance metric, i.e., the quality-of-service violating probability (QVP), and derive its closed-form expression. Compared to the commonly used metrics in physical-layer security such as secrecy outage probability, QVP can give a more comprehensive performance evaluation for the system, including the delay, the reliability, and the security level as well. Finally, the theoretical analysis is validated by simulation results.

DOI: 10.1109/TII.2015.2509442

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