Foundations of statistical mechanics 1845–1915

  title={Foundations of statistical mechanics 1845–1915},
  author={Stephen G. Brush},
  journal={Archive for History of Exact Sciences},
  • S. Brush
  • Published 1967
  • Geology
  • Archive for History of Exact Sciences

A Dozen Beautiful Equations

A Dozen Beautiful Equations that has helped the Evolution of Physics and Mathematics are compiled. Each is a gem and gave rise to entire tower of applications in many fields beyond where it

A Changing Dichotomy: The Conception of the "Macroscopic" and "Microscopic" Worlds in the History of Physics

This short essay traces the conceptual history of micro- and macroscopicity in the context of physical science. By focusing on three distinct episodes spanning five centuries, we show the scientific

Determination of the Boltzmann constant by the equipartition theorem for capacitors

A new experimental set-up for measurement of the Boltzmann constant is described. The statistically averaged square of voltage U 2 is measured for different capacitances C. The Boltzmann constant is

Notes on stochastic processes Paul Keeler

A stochastic process is a type of mathematical object studied in mathematics, particularly in probability theory, which can be used to represent some type of random evolution or change of a system.

Notes on stochastic processes

A stochastic process is a type of mathematical object studied in mathematics, particularly in probability theory, which shows some type of a randomness. There are many types of stochastic processes

Operational derivation of Boltzmann distribution with Maxwell’s demon model

Here, a derivation of the Boltzmann distribution in equilibrium as an example is presented, without hypothesizing the principle of maximum entropy, and the dissipation-fluctuation relation is demonstrated to show the possibility in this direction.

Concepts against mathematics: self-inconsistency in thermodynamic evaluations

Various ways of thermodynamic evaluations can yield different results, contradicting to one another. Such a case is considered a paradox, with the attempts to solve it. This is because thermodynamics

Beyond switches: Rotaxane- and catenane-based synthetic molecular motors

Abstract Nature uses molecular motors and machines in virtually every significant biological process, but learning how to design and assemble simpler artificial structures that function through

A heurística de Boltzmann e a emergência do programa mecânico-estatístico

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the construction of a statistical approach as a heuristic tool to understand the relations between mechanics and thermodynamics inside Ludwig Boltzmann's