Foundations of Embedded Systems

  title={Foundations of Embedded Systems},
  author={Alexander A. Barkalov and Larysa Titarenko and Malgorzata Mazurkiewicz},
  journal={Studies in Systems, Decision and Control},


У статті розглянуто основні напрями підвищення енергоефективності систем подачі повітря в цехи харчових підприємств, удосконалення найбільш поширених поршневих компресорів. Показано, що зменшення

Structural Decomposition in FSM Design: Roots, Evolution, Current State—A Review

Methods of structural decomposition that are used for optimizing characteristics of circuits of finite state machines (FSMs) really improve the characteristics of FSM circuits.

Improving LUT count of FPGA-based sequential blocks

The paper proposes a novel technology-depended design method targeting LUT-based Mealy FSMs, which belongs to the group of structural decomposition methods based on encoding the product terms of Boolean functions representing FSM circuit to diminish the number of LUTs.

SP-PIFO: Approximating Push-In First-Out Behaviors using Strict-Priority Queues

SP-PIFO is introduced, a programmable packet scheduler which closely approximates the behavior of PIFO queues using strict-priority queues— at line rate, at scale, and on existing devices .

Automatic generation of high performance morphological filters to fix missing data in depth images on real-time embedded systems for visually impaired people

The paper presents an evolutionary multi-objective approach to automatically generate morphological filters to solve unknown distances areas, found in depth images used by real-time embedded systems


The method of synthesis and implementation into FPGAs of Mealy FSMs is proposed, based on structural decomposition of initial circuit, which leads to implementation of FSM in double-level structure where utilization of both, LUTs and embedded memory blocks, is applied.

A Comprehensive Study on Knowledge Management Applied to Embedded System Testing Processes

A test methodology for evaluating commercial embedded devices is proposed based on the use of historical knowledge acquired by analyzing and modeling a growing test database composed by information on prior regular test routines, which aims to track the similarities among test cases applied in past products.

Decreasing Number of LUTs for Moore FSMs

A method is proposed for hardware reduction in FPGA-based Moore FSMs based on encoding of the terms corresponding to rows of FSM direct structure table that allows reducing the numbers of LUTs in FSM circuits.