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Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry

  title={Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry},
  author={S. Bloch and Bruce S. Singh},
Voice, identity and coercion: the consumer/survivor movement in acute public psychiatric services
This thesis argues that current treatment in acute public mental health services is counterproductive for the wellbeing of those subject to such services. The consumer/survivor movement’s activismExpand
A Mixed Program of Psychoeducational and Psychological Rehabilitation for Patients With Bipolar Disorder in a Day Hospital Setting
Psychoeducational intervention as adjunctive treatment to pharmacotherapy seems to be very effective in bipolar patients, not only for those in the euthymic phase, but this model could also be extended to patients with an ongoing mild or moderate depressive episode. Expand
Collective Mental States : Do They Exist ?
In 1997, after the death of Princess Diana, the British popular press declared that Britain was having a “collective nervous breakdown”. This paper considers whether it is possible to assert that aExpand
A Brief Psychodynamic and Person-Centered Approach to Address Anticipatory Loss in Acute Care Settings*
  • Victoria L. Cerone
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of social work in end-of-life & palliative care
  • 2019
Therapeutic practice skills needed by social workers to address the experience of anticipatory loss in an acute care setting are offered. Expand
Psychological distress among migrant groups in Australia: results from the 2015 National Health Survey
Purpose To understand the relationship between migration and psychological distress, we (a) calculated the prevalence of psychological distress in specific migrant groups, and (b) examined theExpand
The personalized reminder information and social management system (PRISM) trial: rationale, methods and baseline characteristics.
The approach used to design the PRISM system, study design, methodology and baseline data for the trial are reported on, which demonstrates how a user-centered iterative design approach can be incorporated into the design and evaluation of an intervention protocol. Expand
Great Britain's exiles sent to Port Phillip, Australia, 1844-1849: Lord Stanley's experiment
This thesis examines the origin, operation and outcome of the exile scheme implemented in Port Phillip between 1844 and 1849. It argues that the scheme announced by Lord Stanley, British ColonialExpand