Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

  title={Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism},
  author={Colin Francis Baker},
The seventh edition of this bestselling textbook has been extensively revised and updated to provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to bilingualism and bilingual education in an everchanging world. Written in a compact and clear style, the book covers all the crucial issues in bilingualism at individual, group and societal levels. 

Understanding bilingual education: an overview of key notions in the literature and the implications for Chinese university EFL education

Abstract This article starts with a review of definitions of bilingualism. It then discusses the definition of bilingual education with its focus on the analysis of bilingual competence. It is

Towards a minor bilingualism : Exploring variations of language and literacy in early childhood education

The aim of this compilation thesis is to explore variations in bilingualism with the help of everyday specific situations at a Spanish-Swedish early childhood institution in Sweden, and by means of

Signed Languages in Bilingual Education

The terms bilingualism and bilingual education (BE) have been recognized over time as being simplistic, if not miss-representative of the complex and diverse set of human behaviors that they index ...

Research in Bilingualism: A Dilemma!

This article suggests that if given confidence in taking up bilingualism as an area of research, the researchers may tap the potential that this field might offer for improving and exploring new

The Relevance of Bilingualism Questionnaires in the Personalized Treatment of Bilinguals With Aphasia

Bilingualism questionnaires are important intake instruments to develop clinically useful individual bilingualism histories on dual-language users. Insights from these questionnaires enhance diagno...

Fostering Harmonious Bilingual Development Through Family Language Policy

In this chapter, I discuss the thematic analysis of the six case studies presented in the previous chapter. I examine the role of language attitudes and preferences in childhood bilingualism and

Bilingualism and Learning

The Choice of a Progressive Bilingual Education Model

Abstract Bilingual education has unique and complex features. In the course of language study, with the mother tongue as a foundation, acquiring a second language depends on the features of student’s

Bilingualism and bilingual education in a complex context

This article is based on results from a baseline study for an intended intervention project in bilingual-intercultural education in the Municipality of San Miguel Ixtahuacan, in the Department of San


Bilingual education and bilingualism still remains a controversial field in educational policy among scientist and in public. This article aims to present the research results on positive effects of



Bilingualism and biculturism as individual and as societal phenomena

Abstract Just as diglossia is the stable, societal counterpart to individual bilingualism, so di‐ethnia is the stable, societal counterpart to individual biculturism. Di‐ethnia requires societal

The Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach: A Bridge to the Mainstream

The Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA) is designed for limited English proficient students who are being prepared to participate in mainstream content-area instruction. CALLA

Language and culture in learning : teaching Spanish to native speakers of Spanish

Part 1 Theoretical Advances: Culture and Language - The Ethnographic Approach to the Study of Learning Environments, H T Trueba Native Language Loss and Its Implications for Revitalization of Spanish

The Input Hypothesis: Issues and Implications

Langs, then, presents strategies which teachers might use to teach on the trans-cultural field of discourse which Gumperz helps us to understand, and can help teachers to tailor their actions from day to day to the extent of their evolving understanding of this field.

The Monitor Model for second language performance

  • 1977

Rethinking diglossia

  • 1980

Lopez is a doctoral student in applied linguistics at

    Towards a framework for the study of the maintenance of the home language in language minority students

    • Language and Culture in Learning : Teaching Spanish to Native Speakers of Spanish
    • 1992