Foundations Of Statistics

  title={Foundations Of Statistics},
  author={Jonas Schreiber},
The Book of Why
Our goal is always to offer you an assortment of cost-free ebooks too as aid resolve your troubles. We have got a considerable collection of totally free of expense Book for people from every singleExpand
On Some Principles of Statistical Inference
type="main" xml:id="insr12067-abs-0001"> Statistical theory aims to provide a foundation for studying the collection and interpretation of data, a foundation that does not depend on the particularExpand
Using Bayes Factors to Get the Most out of Linear Regression: A Practical Guide Using R
This guide has been put together in a way that a researcher who has never used Bayesian inference or R software could conduct, report, and interpret a Bayesian linear regression. Expand
Lectures on Statistics in Theory: Prelude to Statistics in Practice.
This is a writeup of lectures on "statistics" that have evolved from the 2009 Hadron Collider Physics Summer School at CERN to the forthcoming 2018 school at Fermilab. The emphasis is on foundations,Expand
Measuring the Completeness of Economic Models∗
Economic models are evaluated by testing the correctness of their predictions. We suggest an additional measure, “completeness”: the fraction of the predictable variation in the data that the modelExpand
I had the good fortune of meeting Teddy Seidenfeld early in my career and learning from him over many years how to approach probability in general, and imprecise probability in particular. I firstExpand
Statistical Modeling and Inference in Genetics
This chapter gives a brief overview over the foundations of statistical inference, including both the frequentist and Bayesian schools, and introduces analytical and numerical methods commonly applied in statistical genetics, and applies several of the algorithms introduced to hidden Markov models. Expand
Ten Lectures on the Philosophy of Game-Theoretic Probability
The game-theoretic foundation for probability, launched by a 2001 book by Vladimir Vovk and myself [24], broadens the established measure-theoretic foundation for probability. These lectures willExpand
The Probabilistic Foundations of Rational Learning
In order to better understand learning events and what sets them apart from other kinds of events, this book uses abstract models of learning, that is, precise mathematical representations of learning protocols. Expand
Variance estimation for systematic pps-sampling
We present a novel approach to computation of confidence intervals based on linear statistics, notably Horvitz-Thompson estimators, when observations come from a systematic pps-sample. The new methodExpand