Fossils and ferns in the resolution of land plant phylogeny

  title={Fossils and ferns in the resolution of land plant phylogeny},
  author={Gar W. Rothwell},
  journal={The Botanical Review},
Fifty-two taxa of living and extinct vascular plants were evaluated in an unconstrained numerical cladistic analysis using 101 morphological characters to simultaneously resolve the phylogenetic relationships of ferns sensu lato. Included in the analysis were ferns assignable to the Cladoxylales, Stauropteridales, Rhacophytales, Zygopteridales, Ophioglossales, Marattiales, Filicales, and Hydropteridales, as well as a rhyniophyte, a trimerophyte, equisetophytes, lignophytes, and the… CONTINUE READING