Forums for citizen journalists? Adoption of user generated content initiatives by online news media

  title={Forums for citizen journalists? Adoption of user generated content initiatives by online news media},
  author={Neil Thurman},
  journal={New Media \& Society},
  pages={139 - 157}
  • Neil Thurman
  • Published 1 February 2008
  • Sociology
  • New Media & Society
The mainstream online news media face accusations of being slow to respond to so-called `grassroots' or `citizen journalism', which uses the world wide web, and in particular blogs and wikis, to publish and promote independent news-related content. This article argues that the adaptation of established news websites to the increasing demand from readers for space to express their views is driven as much by local organizational and technical conditions as it is by any attachment to traditional… 
User Generated Content in the Newsroom: Professional and Organisational Constraints on Participatory Journalism
The phenomenon of citizen journalism and the wider trend of user generated content are creating new challenges and opportunities for mainstream media. Traditional news media, like newspapers, tend to
Journalism and news cultures: journalistic practices and online media in the Chilean newsroom
iv limited role for the audience. Chilean journalists concentrate their use of these tools mostly in the production and distribution of news, with limited utilisation in the feedback/follow up of
Modeling the Adoption and Use of Citizen Journalism by Online Newspapers
This study examines the extent to which professional journalism adopts and uses citizen journalism, such as user-generated content (UGC) and user-submitted stories (USS), at the individual,
Missing the Big Wave: Citizens’ Discourses Against the Participatory Formats Adopted by News Media
ABSTRACT Users’ participation in news media websites has attracted great attention by academia in recent years. Nevertheless, studies about participatory journalism have traditionally been focused on
“Citizen journalism” in European television websites: lights and shadows of user generated content
Television networks in many European countries have launched web participation channels in recent years, so that viewers can send a variety of news content. For some authors, they are a new form of
Thinking about Citizen Journalism: Perspectives on Participatory News Production at Community Newspapers
This study seeks to understand how community newspaper editors negotiate the professional challenges posed by citizen journalism—a phenomenon that, even in the abstract, would appear to undermine
Credibility of social online media: in the eyes of Finnish professional journalists
This article reviews the changed structure of news presentation in the social media, addressing concerns about credibility and ethics. It highlights the important factors of accuracy and
Online News Audiences as Co-Authors? The Extent and Limits of Collaborative Citizen-Professional Journalism on Newspaper Comment Threads
  • James. Morrison
  • Sociology
    Social Media and Journalism - Trends, Connections, Implications
  • 2018
Recent research has demonstrated how comment threads published beneath online news articles are being transformed into fluid interfaces between professional journalists, their work and their
When Citizens and Journalists Interact on Twitter
Twitter has become the leading social media platform for journalists to break news, build a following, and interact with the public. Social media offer journalists and citizens a communication space,
Journalism as social networking: The Australian youdecide project and the 2007 federal election
The increasing prevalence of new media technologies and the rise of citizen journalism have coincided with a crisis in industrial journalism — as the figure of the ‘journalist as hero’ is fading, new


Weblogs and the Epistemology of the News: Some Trends in Online Journalism
It is argued that the rearticulation in this institutional product of the relation between journalists and users, of the claim to authority made in the news text and of the newstext as product, provides historians of both journalism and new media with a case study of the adaptation of journalism to new contexts.
We the Media
Grassroots journalists are dismantling Big Media's monopoly on the news, transforming it from a lecture to a conversation. Not content to accept the news as reported, these readers-turned-reporters
We the media: technology empowers a new grassroots journalism
The impact of grassroots journalists' work is just beginning to be felt by professional journalists, the newsmakers they cover and especially the former audience, which is now part of the process.
Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers
In this study of how daily newspapers in America have developed electronic publishing ventures, Pablo Boczkowski shows that new media emerge not just in a burst of revolutionary technological change
Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers
Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers. Pablo J. Boczkowski. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004. 243 pp. $30 hbk. The most daunting job in academia at present must be to write a book about
Market-Driven Journalism: Let the Citizen Beware?
Introduction The Rise of Market-Driven Journalism The Nature of News Reconsidered Environmental Influences on News Production How Culture, Technology, and Laws and Regulations Shape News Finding the
Manufacturing the news
Acknowledgments 1. News and Public Events Assembling a Crime Wave Creating Public Events Studying Newswork The Organization of This Book The Research Setting Purissima's Press Corps Methodology I:
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The worldwide clamour for truth and justice, for human rights for all, has never been louder. But so is the cry of those subjected to the ever-growing range of abuses
Telephone call with Neil Thurman
  • Telephone call with Neil Thurman
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Telephone call with Neil Thurman
  • Telephone call with Neil Thurman
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