Forum on Geography and Militarism: An Introduction

  title={Forum on Geography and Militarism: An Introduction},
  author={Eric Sheppard and James Tyner},
  journal={Annals of the American Association of Geographers},
  pages={503 - 505}
  • E. Sheppard, J. Tyner
  • Published 17 March 2016
  • Geography
  • Annals of the American Association of Geographers
The discipline of geography has a long albeit uneven engagement with militarism. This is witnessed in the on-going efforts of geographers to influence military policy as well as the development of technologies used in military action. This forum, based on papers originally presented at the 2014 Association of American Geographers annual meeting in Tampa, Florida, provides a critical introduction to contemporary issues related to geographies of militarism. Collectively, these essays demonstrate… 

A Critical Commentary on the AAG Geography and Military Study Committee Report

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Warfare and related military activities have intensive, long-term, negative impacts on the environment. But sites of past human conflict also present potential opportunities for conservation and

Human Geography, Indigenous Mapping, and the US Military: A Response to Kelly and Others' "From Cognitive Maps to Transparent Static Web Maps"

  • Joel Wainwright
  • Political Science
    Cartogr. Int. J. Geogr. Inf. Geovisualization
  • 2019
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