Forty-one recent cases of invasive zygomycosis from a global clinical registry.

  title={Forty-one recent cases of invasive zygomycosis from a global clinical registry.},
  author={Maria J. G. T. R{\"u}ping and Werner J. Heinz and Anupama J. Kindo and Volker Rickerts and Cornelia Lass-Fl{\"o}rl and Claudia Beisel and Raoul Herbrecht and Yehudah Roth and Gerda Silling and Andrew J Ullmann and Kersten Borchert and Gerlinde Egerer and Johan Maertens and Georg Maschmeyer and Anne Simon and Malak Wattad and Gayle Fischer and J{\"o}rg Janne Vehreschild and Oliver A Cornely},
  journal={The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy},
  volume={65 2},
BACKGROUND Invasive zygomycosis accounts for a significant proportion of all invasive fungal diseases (IFD), but clinical data on the clinical course and treatment response are limited. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fungiscope-A Global Rare Fungal Infection Registry is an international university-based case registry that collects data of patients with rare IFD, using a web-based electronic case form at RESULTS Forty-one patients with invasive zygomycosis from central Europe and… CONTINUE READING