Fortresses of the Tur Abdin and the confrontation between Rome and Persia

  title={Fortresses of the Tur Abdin and the confrontation between Rome and Persia},
  author={Anthony Comfort},
  journal={Anatolian Studies},
  pages={181 - 229}
  • A. Comfort
  • Published 17 July 2017
  • Art
  • Anatolian Studies
Abstract Although research is currently impossible on the ground, satellite photographs allow some further information to be gleaned concerning the region of the Tur Abdin, of crucial importance during the wars between the late Roman Empire and Sassanian Persia in the fourth to seventh century AD. This article examines the ancient sources and the reports of visitors to the area in the light of what is now visible to all via Google Earth and other suppliers of free satellite imagery. Apart from… 


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