Forstander, lic. agro. Børge Jacobsen, 2nd January 1916–4th March 1976


Borge Jacobsen's father was director of the Agricultural Research Station at Tylstrup in Denmark. As a boy, he came into close contact with agricultural research, especially with potato research. Understandably he studied agriculture. In 1941 he took his licentiatus agronomiae at Askov Forsogsstation. As a student he showed already his interest for other countries by doing practical work in England and Germany. From 1941 till 1950, Borge Jacobsen worked at the Experimental Farm of the Danske Spritfabrikker at Trinderup. In 1950, he was appointed potato breeder at the newly established Breeding Station at Viumgfird near Ulfborg. Four years later the Station was moved to Vandel in central Jutland and he became director of it. There he concentrated on breeding new potato varieties. He did this with great enthusiasm and much success. Vandel varieties were recommended for early and ware potato growing and for potato growing for industrial purposes. Although his main interest was breeding, he gradually became the potato specialist in Denmark. For the Danes, he became "the grand old man" of potato growing. From its start Borge Jacobsen played an active and important role in the European Association for Potato Research. He was Council Member in the period 1958-1963 and Chairman of the Section Breeding and Varietal Assessment 1972-1975. He was an active Representative for the Association in Denmark. In 1975, it was therefore to be expected when it was Denmark's turn to represent Scandinavia in the Council that Borge Jacobsen would be nominated and elected as Council Member.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02365719

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