Formulating Measures of Effectiveness

  • Noel Sproles
  • Published 1997


Although Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) are an important element of the Systems Engineering process, they have yet to gain acceptance from practitioners. This is caused not only by the confusion surrounding their definition but also the perceived difficulty in formulating appropriate MOEs. This paper builds on previously published papers that address the issue of the definition of MOEs and the distinction to be drawn with Measures of Performance. Following a brief review of this existing work, a process for formulating MOEs is suggested and explained. This is supplemented by several examples from everyday life and from historical references. The examples build on the issues raised in the discussion of the process and provide practical examples to reinforce what has been previously discussed. © 2002 Commonwealth of Australia. Exclusive worldwide publication rights in the article have been transferred to Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Syst Eng 5, 253–263, 2002

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