Formulas and Vocabulary of Ritual Speech in Old English Heroic Epic (Based on Direct Speech in the Poem Beowulf)

  title={Formulas and Vocabulary of Ritual Speech in Old English Heroic Epic (Based on Direct Speech in the Poem Beowulf)},
  author={Natalya Gvozdetskaya},
The paper deals with the linguistic and poetic analysis of the formula ‘X maþelode’ (‘someone said’) in comparison to other ways of introducing direct speech in the Old English heroic epic poem Beowulf. It is considered to be dependent upon the situations of feast and battle which are regarded as the most significant social acts of the early Middle Ages. Its connection with ritual actions such as greeting, boasting, giving oath, flyting, giving treasures, etc. is analysed – the actions which… 
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The article is the result of research focused on the semantics of Old English words (ge)fyrn, feor(r), fruma which are considered as derivatives of Proto-Indo-Eropean root *per/*pro<*pr̥-. It is


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