Forms of Quantum Nonseparability and Related Philosophical Consequences

  title={Forms of Quantum Nonseparability and Related Philosophical Consequences},
  author={V. Karakostas},
  journal={Journal for General Philosophy of Science},
  • V. Karakostas
  • Published 2004
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Journal for General Philosophy of Science
  • Standard quantum mechanics unquestionably violates the separability principle that classical physics (be it point-like analytic, statistical, or field-theoretic) accustomed us to consider as valid. In this paper, quantum nonseparability is viewed as a consequence of the Hilbert-space quantum mechanical formalism, avoiding thus any direct recourse to the ramifications of Kochen-Specker’s argument or Bell’s inequality. Depending on the mode of assignment of states to physical systems – unit state… CONTINUE READING
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