Formins as effector proteins of Rho GTPases

  title={Formins as effector proteins of Rho GTPases},
  author={Sonja K{\"u}hn and Matthias Geyer},
  booktitle={Small GTPases},
Formin proteins were recognized as effectors of Rho GTPases some 15 years ago. They contribute to different cellular actin cytoskeleton structures by their ability to polymerize straight actin filaments at the barbed end. While not all formins necessarily interact with Rho GTPases, a subgroup of mammalian formins, termed Diaphanous-related formins or DRFs, were shown to be activated by small GTPases of the Rho superfamily. DRFs are autoinhibited in the resting state by an N- to C-terminal… CONTINUE READING