Formation of the conserved pseudouridine at position 55 in archaeal tRNA

  title={Formation of the conserved pseudouridine at position 55 in archaeal tRNA},
  author={Martine Roovers and Caryn Hale and Catherine Tricot and Michael P Terns and Rebecca M. Terns and Henri Grosjean and Louis Droogmans},
  journal={Nucleic Acids Research},
  pages={4293 - 4301}
Pseudouridine (Psi) located at position 55 in tRNA is a nearly universally conserved RNA modification found in all three domains of life. This modification is catalyzed by TruB in bacteria and by Pus4 in eukaryotes, but so far the Psi55 synthase has not been identified in archaea. In this work, we report the ability of two distinct pseudouridine synthases from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus to specifically modify U55 in tRNA in vitro. These enzymes are (pfu)Cbf5, a protein… CONTINUE READING

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