Formation of a Diasporic Community: The History of Migration and Resettlement of Muslim Albanians in the Black Sea Region of Turkey

  title={Formation of a Diasporic Community: The History of Migration and Resettlement of Muslim Albanians in the Black Sea Region of Turkey},
  author={Şerife Geniş and K. Maynard},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={553 - 569}
As the successor to the multi-ethnic, multi-religious Ottoman Empire, modern Turkey inherited many non-Turkish-speaking Muslim communities. This article is concerned with Albanians in Turkey, one of the Muslim communities which migrated in large numbers to Anatolia during and after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire to escape conflict and massacre in the Balkans. Based on historical studies and oral history interviews, we account for the Albanian migration to Turkey during the 1912–13 Balkan… Expand
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The document is entitled ‘Shpërngulja e Shqiptarëve Prej Kosovës në Turqi 1912–1915
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