Formation of Three-Dimensional Surface Waves on Deep-Water Using Elliptic Solutions of Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation

  title={Formation of Three-Dimensional Surface Waves on Deep-Water Using Elliptic Solutions of Nonlinear Schr{\"o}dinger Equation},
  author={Shahrdad G. Sajjadi and Stefan C. Mancas and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rique Drullion},
  journal={Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics},
A review of three-dimensional waves on deep-water is presented. Three forms of three dimensionality, namely oblique, forced and spontaneous type, are identified. An alternative formulation for these three-dimensional waves is given through cubic nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation. The periodic solutions of the cubic nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation are found using Weierstrass elliptic $\wp$ functions. It is shown that the classification of solutions depends on the boundary conditions, wavenumber… 


The evolution of a solitary wave with very weak nonlinearity which was originally investigated by Miles [4] is revisited. The solution for a one-dimensional gravity wave in a water of uniform depth

Traveling Wave Solutions to Kawahara and Related Equations

Traveling wave solutions to Kawahara equation (KE), transmission line (TL), and Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) equation are found by using an elliptic function method which is more general than the



Three-dimensional deep-water waves. Part 1. Experimental measurement of skew and symmetric wave patterns

  • M. Su
  • Physics
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • 1982
The three-dimensional structures of symmetric and skew wave patterns in deep water observed in a tow tank and a wide basin are described. These symmetric waves are the result of three-dimensional

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A new class of three-dimensional, deep-water gravity waves of permanent form has been found using an equation valid for weakly nonlinear waves due to Zakharov (1968). These solutions appear as

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We study the stability of steady nonlinear waves on the surface of an infinitely deep fluid [1, 2]. In section 1, the equations of hydrodynamics for an ideal fluid with a free surface are transformed

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Fully three-dimensional surface gravity waves in deep water are investigated in the limit in which the length of the wave crests become long. We describe an analytic solution to fourth order in wave

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A method of time-dependent conformal mapping is introduced to simplify the power-series solution procedure for time- and space-periodic standing waves in deep water. A solution has been found to 25th

On the generation of surface waves by shear flows

  • J. Miles
  • Environmental Science, Physics
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • 1957
A mechanism for the generation of surface waves by a parallel shear flow U(y) is developed on the basis of the inviscid Orr-Sommerfeld equation. It is found that the rate at which energy is

The instabilities of gravity waves of finite amplitude in deep water I. Superharmonics

  • M. Longuet-Higgins
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1978
In this paper we embark on a calculation of all the normal-mode perturbations of nonlinear, irrotational gravity waves as a function of the wave steepness. The method is to use as coordinates the

Asymptotic multi-layer analysis of wind over unsteady monochromatic surface waves

Asymptotic multi-layer (AML) analyses and computation of solutions for turbulent flows over steady and unsteady monochromatic surface waves are reviewed in the limits of low-turbulence stresses and

A note on some nonlinear water-wave experiments and the comparison of data with theory

The problem of the instability of a uniform, nonlinear, deep-water wave train to infinitesimal long-wave perturbations, first studied by Benjamin ' Feir (1967) and Benjamin (1967), is re-examined. It