Formation of Thioxopyrrolidines and Dithiocarbamates from 4-Methylthio-3-butenyl Isothiocyanates, the Pungent Principle of Radish, in Aqueous Media.


Reaction products of 4-methylthio-3-butenyl isothiocyanate (MTBI), the radish pungent principle, in aqueous media were identified and their antimicrobial activities were examined. A rapid degradation of MTBI in aqueous media afforded a mixture of 3-(hydroxy)methylene-2-thioxopyrrolidine (1), (Z)-3-(methylthio)-methylene-2-thioxopyrrolidine (2), its (E… (More)
DOI: 10.1271/bbb.61.2109


2 Figures and Tables