Formation of MgB2 at low temperatures by reaction of Mg with B6Si

  title={Formation of MgB2 at low temperatures by reaction of Mg with B6Si},
  author={Lance D. Cooley and Kyongha Kang and R. F. Klie and Q. Li and Arnie. R. Moodenbaugh and R. Sabatini},
  journal={Superconductor Science and Technology},
Formation of MgB2 by reactions of Mg with B6Si and Mg with B were compared, the former also producing Mg2Si as a major product. Compared to the binary system, the ternary reactions for identical time and temperature were more complete at 750??C and below, as indicated by higher diamagnetic shielding and larger x-ray diffraction peak intensities relative to those of Mg. MgB2 could be produced at temperatures as low as 450??C by the ternary reaction. Analyses by electron microscopy, x-ray… 
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