Formation of Intermetallic Compounds During Explosive Welding

  title={Formation of Intermetallic Compounds During Explosive Welding},
  author={Bruce A Greenberg and Michael A. Ivanov and M. S. Pushkin and Alexander Inozemtsev and A. M. Patselov and A. P. Tankeyev and Sergey V. Kuzmin and V. I. Lysak},
  journal={Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A},
Transition states between traditional, i.e., plain and wavy, shapes of the interface during explosive welding were studied. A sequence of the transition states was found for the studied copper-titanium and copper-tantalum joints. Some transition states are common for the joints under study, while others are only typical of the copper-titanium joints, due to sufficiently high solubility of original elements. A transition state has been found, during which cusps, even though they are solid phase… CONTINUE READING