Formation of Ferrihæmoglobin of Isolated Human Hæmoglobin Types by Sodium Nitrite

  title={Formation of Ferrih{\ae}moglobin of Isolated Human H{\ae}moglobin Types by Sodium Nitrite},
  author={H A Martin and T. H. Huisman},
THE sensitivity of hæmoglobins to oxidation by potassium ferricyanide and sodium nitrite (NaNO2) has been examined extensively1,2. During treatment of oxyhæmoglobin with NaNO2, both components are oxidized through a combination of different reactions, the total reaction being summarized as follows: NaNO2 + 2R–Fe++ O2 + H2O→NaNO3 + 2R–Fe+++OH + O2 (ref. 2). The rate of ferrihæmoglobin formation by the action of NaNO2 can be calculated from the sigmoid curve representing the relation between… CONTINUE READING