Formation mechanism of new corrosion resistance magnesium thin films by PVD method

  title={Formation mechanism of new corrosion resistance magnesium thin films by PVD method},
  author={Myung-Hoon Lee and Il Young Bae and Ki-Joon Kim and Kyung-Man Moon and T. Oki},
  journal={Surface \& Coatings Technology},
Abstract Magnesium thin films were deposited on cold-rolled steel by physical vapor deposition sputtering technique. The crystal orientation and morphology of the deposited films were investigated by using XRD and scanning electron microscopy, respectively. The effect of crystal orientation and morphology of magnesium films on corrosion behaviors was estimated by measuring anodic polarization curves in deaerated 3% NaCl solution. With the increase of argon gas pressure, the morphology of the… Expand

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