Formation and properties of [4Fe-4S] clusters on the IscU scaffold protein.

  title={Formation and properties of [4Fe-4S] clusters on the IscU scaffold protein.},
  author={Kala Chandramouli and Mihaela-Carmen Unciuleac and Sunil G. Naik and Dennis R Dean and B. H. Huynh and Michael K. Johnson},
  volume={46 23},
Rapid and quantitative reductive coupling of two [2Fe-2S]2+ clusters to form a single [4Fe-4S]2+ cluster on the homodimeric IscU Fe-S cluster scaffold protein has been demonstrated by UV-visible absorption, Mössbauer, and resonance Raman spectroscopies, using dithionite as the electron donor. Partial reductive coupling was also observed using reduced Isc ferredoxin, which raises the possibility that Isc ferredoxin is the physiological reductant. The results suggest that reductive coupling of… CONTINUE READING

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