Formation and preservation of cortical layers in slice cultures.

  title={Formation and preservation of cortical layers in slice cultures.},
  author={Magdalena G{\"o}tz and J{\"u}rgen Bolz},
  journal={Journal of neurobiology},
  volume={23 7},
During cortical development, neurons generated at the same time in the ventricular zone migrate out into the cortical plate and form a cortical layer (Berry and Eayrs, 1963, Nature 197:984-985; Berry and Rogers, 1965, J. Anat. 99:691-709). We have been studying both the formation and maintenance of cortical layers in slice cultures from rat cortex. The bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) method was used to label cortical neurons on their birthday in vivo. When slice cultures were prepared from animals at… CONTINUE READING

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