Formation and nuclear export of tRNA, rRNA and mRNA is regulated by the ubiquitin ligase Rsp5p.

  title={Formation and nuclear export of tRNA, rRNA and mRNA is regulated by the ubiquitin ligase Rsp5p.},
  author={Silvia Neumann and Elisabeth Petfalski and Britta Bruegger and Helge Gro\sshans and Felix Wieland and David Tollervey and Ed Hurt},
  journal={EMBO reports},
  volume={4 12},
The yeast ubiquitin-protein ligase Rsp5p regulates processes as diverse as polII transcription and endocytosis. Here, we identify Rsp5p in a screen for tRNA export (tex) mutants. The tex23-1/rsp5-3 mutant, which is complemented by RSP5, not only shows a strong nuclear accumulation of tRNAs at the restrictive temperature, but also is severely impaired in the nuclear export of mRNAs and 60S pre-ribosomal subunits. In contrast, nuclear localization sequence (NLS)-mediated nuclear protein import is… CONTINUE READING

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