Formation and fate of gaseous and particulate mutagens and carcinogens in real and simulated atmospheres.

  title={Formation and fate of gaseous and particulate mutagens and carcinogens in real and simulated atmospheres.},
  author={James N. Pitts},
  journal={Environmental Health Perspectives},
  pages={115 - 140}
The growing use of coal for heating and electric power generation and diesel engines in light duty motor vehicles will increase not only the existing atmospheric concentrations of criteria pollutants such as NO2, SO2, O3 and fine particulates, but also the concentrations of a number of highly reactive gaseous copollutants such as HONO, HONO2, PAN and the nitrate radical, NO3. These gaseous noncriteria pollutants are of interest not only because of their roles in the chemistry of the "clean" and… CONTINUE READING
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