Formation and decay of dual fluorescences in p‐dimethylaminobenzonitrile

  title={Formation and decay of dual fluorescences in p‐dimethylaminobenzonitrile},
  author={Walter S. Struve and Peter M. Rentzepis},
We have studied by the methods of picosecond spectroscopy the fluorescence risetimes of the S1→S0 and S2→S0 emissions of p‐dimethylaminobenzonitrile in several polar solvents of increasing viscosity at 25 and −78°C to determine the relaxation dynamics controlling their kinetics. Vibronic relaxation resulting from interaction with the solvent as a dissipative medium appears to precede the S1→S0 fluorescence. An earlier hypothesis that the S2→S0 emission follows a modified Debye theory of… CONTINUE READING

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