Formate kinetics in methanol poisoning.

  title={Formate kinetics in methanol poisoning.},
  author={William P. Kerns and Christian Tomaszewski and Kenneth E. McMartin and Marsha D Ford and Jeffrey Brent},
  journal={Journal of toxicology. Clinical toxicology},
  volume={40 2},
OBJECTIVE We sought to describe the kinetics, dialysis clearance, and laboratory markers of formate (FA), the toxic metabolite of methanol (meOH). METHODS Data were obtained from a prospective, multicenter study of fomepizole +/- dialysis for methanol poisoning. Inclusion criteria confirmed methanol exposure or suspicion of exposure plus either acidemia or abnormal osmolar gap. Dialysis indications were [meOH] > 50 mg/dL, pH < 7.1, refractory acidosis, or visual toxicity. Serial plasma… CONTINUE READING
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