Formamide chemistry and the origin of informational polymers.

  title={Formamide chemistry and the origin of informational polymers.},
  author={Raffaele Saladino and Claudia Crestini and Fabiana Ciciriello and Giovanna Costanzo and Ernesto Di Mauro},
  journal={Chemistry & biodiversity},
  volume={4 4},
Formamide (HCONH2) provides a chemical frame potentially affording all the monomeric components necessary for the formation of nucleic polymers. In the presence of the appropriate catalysts, and by moderate heating, formamide yields a complete set of nucleic bases, acyclonucleosides, and favors both phosphorylations and transphosphorylations. Physico-chemical conditions exist in which formamide favors the stability of the phosphoester bonds in nucleic polymers more than that of the same bonds… CONTINUE READING

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