Formalizing the slow-roll approximation in inflation.

  title={Formalizing the slow-roll approximation in inflation.},
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The meaning of the inflationary slow-roll approximation is formalised. Comparisons are made between an approach based on the Hamilton-Jacobi equations, governing the evolution of the Hubble parameter, and the usual scenario based on the evolution of the potential energy density. The vital role of the inflationary attractor solution is emphasised, and some of its properties described. We propose a new measure of inflation, based upon contraction of the comoving Hubble length as opposed to the… 
Stochastic inflation revisited: non-slow-roll statistics and DBI inflation
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The attractive behaviour of ultra-slow-roll inflation
It is often claimed that the ultra-slow-roll regime of inflation, where the dynamics of the inflaton field are friction dominated, is a non-attractor and/or transient. In this work we carry out a
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In the slow-roll inflationary scenario, the amplitude of the curvature perturbations approaches a constant value soon after the modes leave the Hubble radius. However, relatively recently, it was
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The andante regime of scalar field dynamics in the chaotic inflationary Universe is defined as the epoch when the field is rolling moderately slowly down its interaction potential, but at such a rate
False vacuum inflation with a quartic potential.
This work considers a variant of Hybrid Inflation, where inflation is driven by two interacting scalar fields, one of which has a `Mexican hat' potential and the other a quartic potential, and calculates the density perturbations produced.
Relating spectral indices to tensor and scalar amplitudes in inflation.
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Within an expansion in slow-roll inflation parameters, we derive the complete second-order expressions relating the ratio of tensor to scalar density perturbations and the spectral index of the
The early Universe
In the past few years one of the most exciting areas of research in physics has been the interdisciplinary field of cosmology and particle physics. The NSF's Institute for Theoretical Physics in
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A dictionary definition of divisible number: a number is divisible by a number so that every digit of that number isdivisible by 3.
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