Formalizing the semantics of UML statecharts with Z


UML is a semi-formal language, with a precisely defined syntax and static semantics but with an only informally specified dynamic semantics. UML statechart diagrams are a notation for describing behaviours in the framework of UML. UML statechart diagrams differ from classical statecharts, as defined by Haret, for which formalizations and results are… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/CIT.2004.1357344


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@article{Zhan2004FormalizingTS, title={Formalizing the semantics of UML statecharts with Z}, author={Xuede Zhan and Huaikou Miao and Ling Liu}, journal={The Fourth International Conference onComputer and Information Technology, 2004. CIT '04.}, year={2004}, pages={1116-1121} }