Formalizing Geometric Algebra in Lean

  title={Formalizing Geometric Algebra in Lean},
  author={Eric Wieser and Utensil Song},
This paper explores formalizing Geometric (or Clifford) algebras into the Lean 3 theorem prover, building upon the substantial body of work that is the Lean mathematics library, . As we use Lean source code to demonstrate many of our ideas, we include a brief introduction to the Lean language targeted at a reader with no prior experience with Lean or theorem provers in general. We formalize the multivectors as the quotient of the tensor algebra by a suitable relation, which provides the ring… 



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The multivector type, (P,Q,R)geomalg, is defined and the definition provides the most important foundation for the formalization of geometric algebra, and a procedure is developed for automatically proving the properties of GA operations.

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This paper presents a formalization of geometric algebras within the proof assistant Coq, concentrating on the blade factorization operation in the Grassmann algebra and the different products of Clifford algebra.

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This paper presents both a recursive scheme to perform Geometric Algebra operations over a prefix tree, and Garamon, a C++ library generator implementing these recursive operations, designed to produce easy to install, easy to use, effective and numerically stable libraries.

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