Formalising the Software Evaluation Process

  title={Formalising the Software Evaluation Process},
  author={Juan Ares Casal and {\'O}scar Dieste Tub{\'i}o and Rafael Garc{\'i}a V{\'a}zquez and Marta L{\'o}pez Fern{\'a}ndez and Santiago Rodr{\'i}guez Y{\'a}{\~n}ez},
  booktitle={International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society},
Software process evaluation is an essential activity for improving software development in an organisation. Actually there is a need for a formalised method of evaluation that encompasses all the factors that affect software production. If a software process evaluation is to faithfully reflect the current status of an organisation, it must also consider the assessment of other factors. A formalised method of evaluation is presented that jointly assesses the three essential factors in software… 

A meta-measurement approach for software test processes

This paper describes a conceptual framework to specify and explicitly evaluate test process quality aspects and enables provision of evaluation results in the form of objective assessments, and problem-area identification to improve the software testing processes.

Implementation and analysis of a support tool for the persuasive systems design model

A support tool where users could share, obtain, and rate examples from each design principle of Persuasive System Design (PSD) model and it was deduced intention to use and predicted actual usage in the future.

Automatic, Format-independent Generation of Metadata for Documents Based on Semantically Enriched Context Information

Investigating how metadata can be generated automatically for all types of documents used in an enterprise, regardless of their content found that the well-known standard for Enterprise Architecture modelling, ArchiMate, was well suited for providing the basis for core enterprise ontology.

Evaluation Approaches in Software Testing

Test Cases 1. Model Test Script Generator 3. Concretize 2. Generate

Persuading users into verifying online fake news

  • Psychology
  • 2019
Checking authenticity of fake news before sharing online can reduce spread of misinformation. But fact-checking requires cognitive and psychological effort, which people are often not willing to

An experience in process assessment

It is argued that it is necessary to broaden the scope of assessment methods and to evaluate the applicability to software processes of the experiences, methods, and techniques developed in other business domains.

Software Process Assessment and Improvement: The BOOTSTRAP Approach

Part One - What 1. Software Assessment and Improvement 2. BOOTSTRAP Methodology in a Nutshell 3. An Assessment Case Example 4. Results and Experiences 5. Exploitation and Future Directions.

Software quality and the Capability Maturity Model

The CMM adopted the opposite of the quick-fix silver bullet philosophy, intended to be a coherent, ordered set of incremental improvements, all having experienced success in the field, packaged into a roadmap that showed how effective practices could be built on one another in a logical progression.

SEI Capability Maturity Model's Impact on Contractors

The authors conclude that since no approach that enforces improvements will be universally acceptable in all aspects to all concerned, the CMM, on balance, can be considered a very successful model, particularly when combined with TQM principles.

The Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Software Process

The Capability Maturity Model for Software and the Evolution of the CMM: BackGROUND, CONCEPTS, STRUCTURES and USAGE are explained.

People Capability Maturity Model. SM.

Abstract : The People Capability Maturity Model(sm) (P-CMM(sm)) adapts the maturity framework of the Capability Maturity Model(sm) for Software (CMM(sm)) (Paulk 95) to managing and developing an

Foundations of Program Evaluation: Theories of Practice

PART ONE: INTRODUCTION Social Program Evaluation Its History, Tasks and Theory Good Theory for Social Program Evaluation PART TWO: STAGE ONE THEORIES: BRINGING TRUTH TO SOCIAL PROBLEM SOLVING Michael

Does Organizational Maturity Improve Quality?

The authors look at whether process improvement has a measurable effect on requirement engineering.

ISO 9000 for software developers

When you read more every page of this enPDFd iso 9000 for software developers, what you will obtain is something great.