Formaldehyde evaluation from endodontic materials.

  title={Formaldehyde evaluation from endodontic materials.},
  author={Brett I Cohen and M K Pagnillo and Barry Lee Musikant and Allan S Deutsch},
  journal={Oral health},
  volume={88 12},
The purpose of this study was to measure the amount of formaldehyde released from three types of endodontic sealing cement (AH-Plus, EZ-Fill, and AH-26). Formaldehyde release was analyzed using High Performance Liquid Chromatography, which could detect as low as 0.25 ppm. The data was tabulated after two runs. The two paste system of AH-Plus endodontic sealing cement had the least amount of formaldehyde release (0.00039%, 3.9 ppm). This was followed by EZ-Fill (0.054%, 540 ppm) endodontic… CONTINUE READING

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