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Formaldehyde Levels in Imported Frozen Poultry Meat in Ibadan , Nigeria : Its Public Health Implications

  title={Formaldehyde Levels in Imported Frozen Poultry Meat in Ibadan , Nigeria : Its Public Health Implications},
  author={P. Otuh and B. Ogunro and E. Etim},
Importation of frozen poultry meat is currently banned in Nigeria however; reports have it that such products are readily available in the market due to the activities of smugglers who are alleged to illegally add formalin to the smuggled poultry meat as a preservative. Exposure to high levels of formalin has deleterious health consequences. Therefore, assessment of formaldehyde contents in imported frozen chicken and turkey on sale in five major markets located in Ibadan, South west Nigeria… Expand

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