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Formal semantics and logic

  title={Formal semantics and logic},
  author={Van Fraassen and C Bastiaan},
ion Ajdukiewicz, Kazimierz Aleph null Algorithm Beth duplication Euclidean reversing Alphabetic variant Alphabetical order Anderson, Alan R. Aristotle Assignment Assignment function Axiom of Choice Banks, P. Becker, Oskar Belnap, Jr., Nuel D. Beth, Evert W. Bivalence Birkhoff, Garrett Bochenski, Innocentius M. Boolean algebra Bound variable Branch 

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An axiom system for orthomodular quantum logic
Logical matrices for orthomodular logic are introduced. The underlying algebraic structures are orthomodular lattices, where the conditional connective is the Sasaki arrow. An axiomatic calculusOMC
On some ascending chains of brouwerian modal logics
This paper specifies classes of framesmaximally omnitemporally characteristic for Thomas' normal modal logicT2+ and for each logic in the ascending chain of Segerberg logics investigated by Segerberg
On truth-schemes for intensional logics
This conception is a natural generalization of the well-known relational semantics for intensional systems based on some ideas set forth by Suszko and Wójcicki in the seventies.
Extensions of Intuitionistic Logic without the Deduction Theorem: Some Simple Examples
A b s t r a c t. We provide some illustrations of consequence relations extending that associated with intuitionistic propositional logic but lacking the Deduction Theorem, together with a discussion
Two theorems on many-valued logics
The two theorems presented in this paper characterize classes of Kvalued propositional logics, K < K, and extend Ulrich's and Wbjcicki’s criteria of strong finiteness to all propositionallogics.
On some many-valued abstract logics and their Epsilon-T-style extensions
This paper generalizes Epsilon-T-Logic to a four-valued logic related to Dunn/Belnap logic B_4 and defines three-valued versions related to Kleene's logic K_3 and Priest's Logic of Paradox P_3, respectively and introduces these many-valued non-Fregean logics as extensions of abstract parameter logics such that parameter logic and extension are of the same logical type.
Some Supervaluation-based Consequence Relations
This paper defines some consequence relations based on supervaluation semantics for partial models, and investigates their properties, showing that natural versions of the following fail: upwards and downwards Lowenheim–Skolem, axiomatizability, and compactness.
Analytical Tableaux for da Costa's Hierarchy of Paraconsistent Logics Cn, 1>n>w
This paper presents a new hierarchy of analytical tableaux systems TNDC n, 1≤n<ω, for da Costa's hierarchy of propositional paraconsistent logics Cn, 1-1-1, where n is the number of neurons in the central nervous system.
What Logics Mean: From Proof Theory to Model-Theoretic Semantics, by James W. Garson
This report might prompt you to go looking for a corresponding intuition of your own, but this is a rather indirect way to proceed, given that a more direct route is available on Chudnoff's account: namely, instead of appealing to one’s intuition, one could describe the truthmaker that is supposedly present to mind and the way it was arrived at.
Epistemic semantics for classical and intuitionistic logic
  • J. Martin
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Notre Dame J. Formal Log.
  • 1984
On se propose d'expliquer comment plusieurs systemes semantiques nonstandards pour la logique propositionnelle peuvent etre consideres comme employant essentiellement les memes principes pour definir


The substitution interpretation of the quantifiers
I The basic formal ideas of this interpretation were in a certain sense anticipated by E. W. Beth with his "reduced logic" in [3]. We are grateful to Professor Bas C. van Fraassen for bringing this
Quantification theory and empty individual-domains
It is shown that a not inelegant system is obtained if one modifies Mostowski's approach in two respects; and once this is done a somewhat neater proof of completeness can be given.
Tarski, Logic, Semantics, and Mathematics
  • J. H. Woodger, trans. (Oxford: Clarendon,
  • 1956
Reduced Direct Products
Existential import revisited