Formal Semantics of AADL Models with Machine-Readable CSP

  title={Formal Semantics of AADL Models with Machine-Readable CSP},
  author={Chunxin Yang and Yunwei Dong and Fan Zhang and Ehsan Ahmad and Bin Gu},
  journal={2012 IEEE/ACIS 11th International Conference on Computer and Information Science},
AADL (Architecture Analysis Design Language) is a standardized and hierarchical modeling language which contributes to designing and analyzing architectures of both software and hardware of Embedded Real-Time Systems. However, the problems of AADL models are unenforceability and the absence of formal semantics, which limit formal analysis of attributes in AADL models. This paper proposes an approach to build formal semantics to AADL's software component models. We use Machine-Readable CSP as… CONTINUE READING
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