Formal Methods for Broadband and Multimedia Systems (Tutorial)


We show the use of formal description techniques (in particular SDL and Estelle) in the software engineering process for telecommunications systems such as highspeed TCP/IP, XTP, ATM protocols and distributed multimedia systems. In the first part we introduce in the specification of deterministic, real time-related Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. We identify a set of “typical” QoS parameters for various components of Broadband and Multimedia communication systems. Then we show how these requirements can be specified using two different approaches: a real-time extension of Estelle (called Real-Tie Estelle), and the complementary uw of SDL and Metric Temporal Logic specifications. In the second part we present techniques for the generation efficient, parallel and optimizing code generation and implementation techniques baaed on Estelle and SDL design specifications. We show that basing the implementation on formal techniques is especially helpful when automating it in a tool environment.

DOI: 10.1145/253228.253813

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