Form factors for integrable lagrangian field theories, the sinh-Gordon model

  title={Form factors for integrable lagrangian field theories, the sinh-Gordon model},
  author={Andreas Fring and Giuseppe Mussardo and P. Simonetti},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},

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We develop a method for computing form factors of local operators in the framework of Sklyanin’s separation of variables (SOV) approach to quantum integrable systems. For that purpose, we consider

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Central charge and universal combinations of amplitudes in two-dimensional theories away from criticality.

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  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1988
The universal singular free energy per correlation volume fs2 is equal to -(c12)(2-)(1-)-1, where c is the central charge of the theory at criticality, is the usual specific-heat exponent, and is defined (for >0) in terms of the second moment of the energy correlations.

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The Proceedings consists of 6 lectures each from Prof L Takhtajan and Prof F Smirnov which were presented during the workshop.

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I. Symmetric functions II. Hall polynomials III. HallLittlewood symmetric functions IV. The characters of GLn over a finite field V. The Hecke ring of GLn over a finite field VI. Symmetric functions

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