Forgotten faces: why some of our cinema heritage is part of the public domain

  title={Forgotten faces: why some of our cinema heritage is part of the public domain},
  author={D. Pierce},
  journal={Film History: An International Journal},
  pages={125 - 143}
  • D. Pierce
  • Published 2007
  • Art
  • Film History: An International Journal
  • When a copyright expires or is not properly renewed, a work falls into the public domain and can be freely reproduced, distributed, and displayed. David Pierce explains how a number of classic films from the studio era entered the public domain, including A Fool There Was, Phantom of the Opera, Night of the Living Dead, Charade, Love Affair, Farewell to Arms, A Star Is Born, Dixiana, Topper Returns, Royal Wedding and Father’s Little Dividend. 
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