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Forgotten duplicates from the Odonata collection of Edmond de Selys Longchamps rediscovered at the Übersee-Museum Bremen (Germany)

  title={Forgotten duplicates from the Odonata collection of Edmond de Selys Longchamps rediscovered at the {\"U}bersee-Museum Bremen (Germany)},
  author={M. Lukas Seehausen},
A selection of duplicates from the collection of Michel Edmond de Selys Longchamps was found at the Ubersee-Museum Bremen/Germany (UMB). Selys determined a lot of Odonata in the UMB collection and sent 80 European and 76 exotic species to Bremen on 23 April, 1875. According to the labels 121 specimens could be assigned to this shipment and eleven specimens must have been sent to UMB in later years. This collection includes two paralectotypes (Progomphus gracilis Hagen in Selys, 1853; Palaemnema… 

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