Forged in fire: cusps, cores and baryons in low-mass dwarf galaxies

  title={Forged in fire: cusps, cores and baryons in low-mass dwarf galaxies},
  author={Jose O{\~n}orbe and Michael Robert Boylan-Kolchin and James Steven Bullock and Philip F Hopkins and Duvsan Kerves and Claude-Andr'e Faucher-Giguere and Eliot Quataert and Norman Murray},
We present ultra-high resolution cosmological hydrodynamic simulations of M? ' 104−6M dwarf galaxies that form within Mvir = 109.5−10M dark matter halos. Our simulations rely on the FIRE implementation of star formation feedback and were run with high enough force and mass resolution to directly resolve stellar and dark matter structure on the∼ 200 pc scales of interest for classical and ultra-faint dwarfs in the Local Group. The resultant galaxies sit on the M? vs. Mvir relation required to… CONTINUE READING


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Simulations data for the low resolution convergence tests. First column stand for the different parameters studied for each simulation

  • B Table
  • RAS, MNRAS 000,
  • 1998

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