Foreword by the Editor-in-Chief and Guest Editors

  title={Foreword by the Editor-in-Chief and Guest Editors},
  author={Matthew Keifer and Vanessa Casanova and John J. Garland and Mathew F. Smidt and Tim W Struttmann},
  journal={Journal of Agromedicine},
  pages={119 - 120}
Logging is the process of cutting trees, processing them, and moving them to a location for transport. It is the beginning of a supply chain that provides raw material for many products societies worldwide use for housing, construction, energy, and consumer paper products. Logging systems are also used to manage forests, reduce the risk of wildfires, and restore ecosystem functions. Logging systems can be roughly categorized for four regions of the United States: the Northeast; upper Midwest… 

Forestry – Integrating Safety in a Time of Rapid Change

A session at the Western Agricultural Safety and Health Conference: Cultivating Collaborations presented an opportunity to review these newly funded studies and look ahead to this industry’s dynamic future and the sustainability of the logging community.