author={Geert M. Verleden and Christophe Dooms and Marc Noppen and Marc Decramer},

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Emergency esophagojejunostomy in type IV hiatal hernia: A case report.

A 65-year-old female patient in follow-up due to a gigantic type IV paraesophageal hernia, whom underwent surgical hernial defect correction, had friable gastric tissue and esophageAL lesions that forced an urgent esophagojejunostomy.

Pleural mesothelioma: An approach to diagnostic problems

Well differentiated mesothelioma cells are mucicarmine negative but alcian blue and periodic acid–Schiff positive, which are removed by hyaluronidase and diastase digestion and a poorly differentiated pleural tumour is most likely metastatic and needs good team work to locate the primary site.

The Development of Spinal Diagnostic Imaging in Neuroradiology: A Short Historical Survey

The development of spinal imaging in the first century of radiology for some time lagged behind that of craniocerebral investigation, but has accelerated rapidly in recent years. The 1939 edition of

Analysis of 31 Consecutive Cases of Ovarian Carcinoma in Nigeria

The majority of expatriates stated that they were confused about the correct regimen because they had received conflicting advice from different sources, and the most recent authoritative advice from the WH04, the Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta' and a British expert group of the Malaria Reference Laboratoryall differ on their guidelines for the treatment of malaria.

The Pap test and Bethesda 2014

The history of “The Bethesda System” for reporting cervical cytology goes back almost 3 decades, and 3 fundamental principles emerged that have guided TBS to this day: clear-cut thresholds for management and decrease interobserver variability.

Acute hepatic failure: limitations of medical treatment and indications for liver transplantation

Current accepted definitions of acute hepatic failure and of subvarieties thereof have been published based on the time span between the onset of jaundice in a previously asymptomatic patient and the appearance of encephalopathy.

Etiopathogenesis of peptic ulcer: back to the past?

The observations might be suggestive of H. pylori being only one more factor to be summed together with other aggressive components in the genesis of peptic ulcerous disease, returning to the classic concept that peptic gastric and duodenal ulcers have multifactorial etiology and would result from imbalance between aggressive and defensive factors.


  • P. Burke
  • Medicine
    ANZ journal of surgery
  • 2007
This article traces the development of the College Journal until this point in time, a period of some 79 years, with Hugh Devine as Chairman of an Editorial Committee and Mervyn Archdall as Editor.

A surgical window to access the obliterated posterior cul‐de‐sac at vaginal hysterectomy

  • S. Sheth
  • Medicine
    International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics: the official organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • 2009

The need for systematic reviews in the treatment of menstrual disorders–another Cochrane collaborative review group is born

  • C. Farquhar
  • Medicine
    British journal of obstetrics and gynaecology
  • 1996
The quality of many reviews of primary research is often lacking as they are rarely comprehensive and do not contain a description of how the selected trials were identified and selected for inclusion.



National Factors in the Development of Cairo

For those familiar with Cairo, citizens and students alike, the city has come a long way over one thousand and one years of sometimes glorious and frequently violent history. All along, she loyally

Urbanization in Egypt: Present State and Future Prospects

  • J. Abu-lughod
  • Economics, History
    Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1965
Many students of urbanism have suggested that countries in the early stages of industrialization suffer an imbalance in both the size and distribution of their urban populations, implying primarily

Régionalisation: Hassad dévoile la nouvelle carte du Maroc

    The Jordan Response Platform for the Syrian Crisis

      Une Ville Nouvelle Sort de Terre

        The Permanent Mission of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

          Schéma Directeur d'Aménagement et d'Urbanisme: Djibouti un pôle régional competitif

            General Organization for Physical Planning/ Omnium Technique de l'Urbanisme et del'Infrastructure/Institut d'Aménagement et d'Urbanisme d'Ile-de-France (GOPP/OTUI/IAURIF) (1983)

            • 1983

            Sadat City, Egypt and The Role of New Town Planning in the Developing World.

            • Journal of Architectural Planning and Research
            • 1994